Frequently Asked Questions

This is totally untrue. The software used on every gaming machine is rigorously tested and certified by the SABS to perform within certain specifications such as the percentage return to player. During the opening process of a casino the software in each gaming machine is tested to specification and sealed by the Board. Changes to the software can only be made by approval and supervision of the Board. The Board ensures ongoing integrity of all gaming machines through various organised actions of its Compliance and Law Enforcement divisions.

Attempt to resolve it with the establishment in question and if it cannot be resolved approach the Law Enforcement Division of the Gambling Board.

The average distribution of amounts wagered on betting at TAB (Tvl) during the 1998 calendar year was as follows:
Provincial tax – 8,90%
VAT – 1,37%
HRDF levy – 2,83%
Racing industry revenue – 9,78%
Return to the public – 77,12%

They are designed to pay out randomly to ensure that nobody may know when they are due to pay out.

In terms of Section 129(2), a bookmaker can apply to the Board for a nominated manager to be authorised to sign the monthly tax returns.

Any application for the relocation of betting premises must be submitted to the licensing and registration division of the Board.